Mold Assessment – Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

is paramount to a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. If you have visible mold present in your residence or place of business or if you suspect the presence of mold in your living or work environment have your air tested for mold and microscopic volatile organic compounds (mVOC’s).


Recently, one of my clients noticed a black spot on the wall just above
his mantel on the fireplace wall of his living room. We conduced the mold analysis and the results from our lab showed the presence of Stachybotrys (Black Mold)!


Black mold is related to infant and elderly people deaths due to its toxicity. Once identified, our organization wrote up a Mold Remediation Protocol Report for the client and he was able to hire a remediation company to get it corrected. We made sure his insurance carrier was on board with all steps of the remediation process so that he wasn’t surprised by any hidden costs or areas that were not covered by his insurance carrier.


Public Insurance Adjuster

Insurance companies want you to think that they have your back
or that you’re in good hands. Insurance companies profit by
NOT paying claims!


The following is a typical response I hear from my average client;

“My insurance adjuster came out and inspected my ice maker water supply line leak, they said the damage from the leak won’t even cover my $500 deductible, I got nothing” The insurance adjuster didn’t tell them about the damage to the surrounding kitchen cabinetry which needed to be replaced along with the upper cabinets to match the
lower cabinets and the tile floor in the kitchen was compromised due
to the water separating the tile from the concrete slab.


Here’s another one; “ My HVAC condensation line backed up and flooded my living room and den, I didn’t know I could claim this on my homeowners insurance” In fact you can claim this peril on your homeowners insurance and you can get new carpeting along with padding and if your furniture shows signs of water damage, you can get new furniture along with any matching furniture items. 


These are typical everyday issues that Joseph R. Green & Associates, Inc. can perform on your behalf.